Enhancement, expansion, implementation of regulated electronic processing (SZEÜSZ)

Project name 

Enhancement, expansion, implementation of regulated electronic processing (SZEÜSZ)

Code number of the project 

KÖFOP-1.0.0 – VEKOP –15 – 2016- 00027

Name of the related operational programme 

Public Administration and Public Service Development Operational Programme (KÖFOP)

Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme (CCHOP)

Name of the beneficiary, head of the project consortium 

NISZ National Infocommunications Service Company Limited by Shares

Further beneficiaries, partners involved in the consortium 

Governmental Information Technology Development Agency

IdomSoft Informatikai Private Company Limited by Shares

Ministry of the Interior

Aim(s) of the project 

This project will introduce, enhance and promote services with a new approach required by Hungarian public administration for the efficient implementation of electronic processing. It will develop such infrastructural solutions without which it is not possible to establish state-of-the-art electronic processing (e.g.: registry of dispositions) and it will implement such novel approaches that improve the efficiency, transparency, level of security of processing by the authorities. It is a task of key importance that those infrastructural solutions that have been or will be developed will be provided in a form incorporated into the specific branch services, and that the branch solutions should apply the SZEÜSZs in mass.

Completion of the implementation of the project 


Full budget of the project 

HUF 1,207,063,149

EU funding rate 
100 %
The share of NISZ in the budget of the project (unless NISZ is the leader of the consortium) 

HUF 781,292,518

Related procurement procedures 
Further information 

E-mail: info@nisz.hu