The license plate number based vehicle information mobile application of NISZ

In Hungary 400 thousand used cars change owners on average annually. Since 2013 the number of purchases once again has shown an increasing trend. The average value of the vehicle that changes owners in one transaction is above 1 million forints. As can be presumed from the statistical figures, buying a vehicle is a significant investment made for the term of several years for most people. News about rolling back the odometer, false registration data and stolen vehicles does not put buyers’ minds at ease. Therefore much information is needed when selling or buying a car. By the Autoscope application we have collected such formal and informal information in one place that provides instant, reliable help when a decision needs to be made.

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Data query from the authority

After entering the license plate number, the data taken from the vehicle register of the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services are displayed:

  • Manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Type of the vehicle
  • The primary or even the secondary colour of the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is registered for traffic
  • If the vehicle is wanted by the police
  • The odometer readings in the registry and the dates of recording. (The meter readings have been recorded in the authority database only after 1 January 2012).

Eurotax appraisal

The Eurotax appraisal service lets the user see the average market price calculation of the vehicle. A charge is payable for this service. After completion, the application displays a summary of the data on the screen of the mobile device and can also send them to a specified email address in PDF format.

People’s Judgment

This function displays the 5 most recent user reviews applying to the make and type the user is seeking, from the database of People's Judgment (a service at

Terms of Use

Internet access is necessary for using this application, which may incur additional costs charged by the Internet service provider.

The application and the queries started from it are free of charge for every citizen.

The data contained in the document downloadable through the application are for information only, any use of these will be at the user's own responsibility.

You can see the detailed terms of use before the installation of the application.

Terms of Use (pdf, hu)

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the application give the error message "Failed to log in to Web Assistant application! Please log in to the Web Assistant and complete the missing data fields on your data form!"?

If you come across the above message when entering the Citizens Mailbox, please open Web Assistant in your browser, log in, and then click on personal data in the upper right corner. You experienced this error in the use of Autoscope because one of the data fields (for example, at birth data) is incomplete. Enter the missing data, then save the changes. If you have entered these data successfully, you will be able to succeed in your login with the mobile application as well, for the launch of data searches. Naturally, we are working to ensure that user authentication and data query from remote systems be smooth again when using Autoscope. Please be patient until the errors are cleared in the background system.

Why is the query of the odometer reading not free?

These data can be obtained against an administrative service fee, the calculation of which is regulated by the Ministry of Interior Decree No. 54/1999. The data report is based on the data contained in the vehicle records of the traffic registry of public authenticity maintained by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH), based on data valid as of the time of the query.