Governmental information service and eAdministration standards - e-standards

Project name 

Governmental information service and eAdministration standards - e-standards

Code number of the project 


Name of the related operational programme 

State Reform Operational Programme (ÁROP)

Name of the beneficiary, head of the project consortium 

Governmental Information Technology Development Agency (KIFÜ)

Further beneficiaries, partners involved in the consortium 

NISZ Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt.

Aim(s) of the project 

The aim of the development is to create such specifications, methodologies, documentations for the directing, supervising and regulatory entities of the Governmental information sector that contribute to the more efficient, more substantiated, more transparent and more modern fulfillment of the related tasks.

Result(s) of the project 

The consortium comprised by KIFÜ and NISZ Zrt. has created several future-proof products (specifications, methodologies and documentations), which provide significant assistance with more economical IT planning and increases the efficiency of the implementation of IT projects.

The specifications of electronic processing services (Szeüsz) regulated by Ket. (Law on Administrative Proceedings), specifications with an express the technical approach, have been developed with the professional involvement of KIM. The guarantee that these guideline-type documents are future-proof is that technically they describe the fundamentals, and in their organizing principle, they focus on general technical functionalities behind the specific names of the Szeüszs.

Within the framework of the project, the form-filling and processing system supporting IT consolidation data collection has been created, which carries an interface through which the Ministry of National Development (NFM) is able to receive the data reports of the controlled organizations directly and rapidly, while the assorted information enables the fast ordering of actions to be taken.

In addition to the above, as part of the project, a public administration-specific publication aimed at the enhancement of IT security skills and widely applied IT contract templates has also been prepared.

In consideration of the governmental roles of KIFÜ, the owner of the project has also developed a uniform project management and quality assurance method and protocol, funded by the project. The three-day-long,  free project methodology training of 90 persons working in public administration was also funded from this source.

The documentation of the establishment of the Governmental Certification Authority (GOV CA) system was also prepared by NISZ Zrt.  The completed documents contain the internal regulation of certificate authorization and create the conditions for successful system auditing.

Beginning of the implementation of the project 


Completion of the implementation of the project 


Full budget of the project 

HUF 250,000,000

The share of NISZ in the budget of the project (unless NISZ is the leader of the consortium) 

HUF 58,300,000

Related strategic government documents 

National Infocommunication Strategy 2014-2020

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