Mobile application development

User habits show that more and more activities conducted on computers are migrated to mobile devices. To comply with this trend, NISZ has set the aim of creating information and processing applications available in mobile situations. The developments create applications that modernize and mobilize the processes of public administration. It is a further advantage of services provided on mobile that they can result in significant cost savings, since the costs associated with personal or telephone processing are replaced by a system operating cost that is lower by orders of magnitude.


Buying a vehicle is a significant investment made for a term of several years for most people. By the Autoscope application we have collected such formal and informal information in one place that provides instant, reliable help when someone wants to buy a car, right in the premises. The Eurotax appraisal applied as a standard in the EU, the Hungarian user reviews and the odometer readings maintained in the database of the competent authority are all made available by this app.

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EFO—Simplified Employment Reporting mobile application

This application serves to electronically report employment established by simplified hiring. The application supports individual submissions, furthermore, it also enables the simultaneous reporting of several employees, and multiple hired persons. Its use requires Citizens Mailbox registration, the legal effects of the submitted reports are identical with the legal effects of the completion and sending of electronic form 15T1042E, published by the Tax Authority. 

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Company Radar

This enables the comprehensive, fast and flexible, free query of company details. The real advantage of this application is that it puts together information available from various authority databases, and the results of the queries can be saved in PDF format. Searches may be launched according to registration number or business name, this application can verify the authenticity of any company instantly. The Company Radar can be useful in several situations:

  • obtaining data on the prospective employer, for job-seekers;
  • verifying the reliability of the other party before concluding business partnerships;
  • when online purchases are made, to query whether the seller is authentic.

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