1818 Citizens Line - telephone customer service

Service name 
1818 Citizens Line - telephone customer service
Service description 

As the customer service of a national telephone customer care basis, the Citizen’s Line, performs its tasks pursuant to the provisions of  Government decree 451/2016. (XII. 19.). The customer service is available on the short call number of 1818, on every day of the week during 24 hours for responding to queries by citizens, undertakings and budgetary organs.  The tasks of the Citizens Line include the provision of fast, accurate and timely information, support to eAdministration services, applications. Based on the performance of these tasks, it is the national competency center of customer service for integrated e-public services.

Pursuant to Article 11 (1) lit. (b) of Act LXXV of 2010 on simplified employment, employment may also be reported on the call number of 185 of the national telephone customer service.

Service fee 

The service is free of charge for citizens and businesses. While the domestic call number 1818 is free of charge, number 185 can be called at the rate specified by the caller's service provider.

Related documentation can be found at https://szeusz.gov.hu