About us

Who we are

The National Infocommunications Service Company Ltd. (NISZ) is the leading ICT provider in the public sector in Hungary. The company operates critical IT networks of the Hungarian state as well as the Public Services Portal, the Citizens’ and the Corporate Mailbox. NISZ provides telecommunications, IT and e-government services for all public institutions, 4 million citizens and more than 500,000 companies. As the result of developments carried out by NISZ, citizens and companies can manage most public administrative tasks in Hungary online since 2018. The new platform allows users to manage their tax declaration, passport application and interact with governmental bodies online from anywhere in a fast and secure way.

With over 1600 full-time employees the company provides services for all public institutions nationwide and operates the most secure, critical ICT networks. NISZ also plays a major role in implementing a wide range of nationwide IT and e-Government development projects financed by the European Union and the Hungarian Government. The development of the first Government Cloud had been a strategic step, followed by other major constructions such as the development of the National Telecommunications Backbone Network, designed to meet specific requirements of the government; the National Toll Payment System; the National Mobile Payment Systems and the development of the critical ICT networks of the emergency services.

In forthcoming years NISZ will continue to improve and operate these systems in a secure and socially responsible way. The company is determined to strengthen its presence in the public IT and telecommunications sector by expanding its cloud-based service portfolio, which provides cost-efficient and safer ICT solutions for clients.

Senior Management

Dr. Zoltán Kovács
Chief Executive Officer
Csaba Dömötör
Chief General Officer
Dezső Varga
Chief Financial Officer
Iván Vetési
Chief Client Service
and Sales Officer
Attila Juhász
Chief Technology
Ferenc Árva
Division of Security

Board of Directors

Dr. Ádám Demény
Dr. Zoltán Kovács
Dr. Tamás Ludvig
Csaba László Fülöp
Péter Horváth
András Pribanics
József Soltész

Supervisory Board

Mónika Szendrói
Tamás Bodó
Dr. Nikoletta Mózes
Dr. Dávid Surányi
Boglárka Pándi
Gergely Vartus