Consignment Document Repository (KDT)

Service name 
Consignment Document repository
Service description 

KDT is the stand-alone service of NISZ Zrt. which is also connected to the hybrid delivery and conversion service of Magyar Posta Zrt. This service is available for entities providing electronic processing and for their clients. The issuing entities place the original electronic document in the mailbox of KDT, which NISZ Zrt. will store in the encrypted database, for the term defined by the entity. Magyar Posta Zrt. creates the authentic paper-based copy of the electronic document and delivers it to the addressee. With the help of KDT, the addressee of the paper-based consignment is able to verify that the paper-based document and the original document issued electronically by the issuing organization are identical. The users to whom the consignment is addressed are able to use the original electronic document placed in the mailbox of KDT by using the individual consignment reference code and the password contained in the authentication clause of the paper-based documents.

The users to whom the consignment is addressed are able to use the service on a public Internet interface (on the address defined by the issuing entity), while the connected entities have a machine interface connection for that purpose. The entities may request connection to the service on the questionnaire contained in the accession policy.

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