Document Validity Register (IÉNY)

Service name 
Document Validity Register
Service description 

The Document Validity Register (IÉNY) is a register that guarantees the identity of the data contained in it by the conditions, guarantees provided by law. This service operates connected to the trusted hybrid conversion service (conversion of electronic documents into authentic paper-based documents - SZEÜSZ) operated by Magyar Posta Zrt. When using the service, the body providing electronic processing forwards its decision made in the form of electric document to the Post, which prepares an authentic paper-based copy compliant with the legal requirements, which it will deliver in the manner matching the given document, to clients or other participants of proceedings that were in progress at the body providing electronic processing.

The most important aim of IÉNY as a service is to the verify authenticity between the electronic document and the paper-based document created from it beyond any doubt, by comparison against a database provided by an independent third party.

The client is able to verify the information of the placement of the document in their possession in IÉNY on the excess interface of the service, in possession of the appropriate ID (GUID). By entering the ID, using the background process the state of the record applying to the given document is assessed.

IÉNY may be used by joining the hybrid service of the Post, or by joining the service itself directly.

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