Development of the network access, connections of institutions

Project name 

HUF 161,850,018

Code number of the project 


Name of the related operational programme 

Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (EDIOP)

Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme (CCHOP)

Name of the beneficiary, head of the project consortium 

NISZ National Infocommunications Service Company Limited by Shares

Further beneficiaries, partners involved in the consortium 

MVM Net Távközlési Szolgáltató Private Company Limited by Shares

„ANTENNA HUNGÁRIA” Magyar Műsorszóró és Rádióhírközlési Private Company Limited by Shares

Governmental Information Technology Development Agency

Aim(s) of the project 

The aim of the project is the accomplishment of a symmetrical bandwidth of at least 30 Mbps for every terminal point connected to the National Telecommunications Backbone and the connection of over 3300 new institutional terminal points (together with the GINOP-3.4.5 project), which is formulated as an indicator until 2023. The resources available under the GINOP-3.4.2 will enable, according to preliminary plans and calculations, the implementation of 1450 new terminal points of the indicator value committed until 2023. The developments implemented in order to connect institutions anticipate the utilization of existing state properties, the construction of new access sections owned by the state, the customer premises equipment (CPE), as well as fibres and duct leasing schemes, eligible for settlement as long-term investments. The development of government networks requires a standard approach. The set aims cannot be accomplished without harmonizing the development of the backbone and the access networks. According to the plans, the implementation of this development will result in a network that shows a higher level of homogeneity and thereby – projected on one terminal point – can be operated at a lower cost level.

Beginning of the implementation of the project 

1 December 2016

Completion of the implementation of the project 

31.10.2020 (planned)

Full budget of the project 

HUF 2,857,100,000

The share of NISZ in the budget of the project (unless NISZ is the leader of the consortium) 

HUF 161,850,018

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