Integrated Legislative System

Project name 

Integrated Legislative System

Code number of the project 


Name of the related operational programme 

Public Administration and Public Service Development Operational Programme (KÖFOP)
Competitive Central Hungary Operational Programme (CCHOP)

Name of the beneficiary, head of the project consortium 

Ministry of Justice

Further beneficiaries, partners involved in the consortium 

Prime Minister's Office
Office of the Parliament
National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Hungarian Official Journal Publisher Ltd.
Governmental Information Technology Development Agency
NISZ National Infocommunications Service Company Limited by Shares

Aim(s) of the project 

This project enables the implementation of developments aimed at the reduction of administrative burdens by providing electronic support to the so-called internal processes (within public administration, between offices/state organs). The aim is the development e-solutions of such background operations (and related processes) that are directly observable for clients of back office organizations and have an indirect impact on public administration office procedures.

Completion of the implementation of the project 

30.06.2019 (planned)

Full budget of the project 

HUF 3,897,000,000

The share of NISZ in the budget of the project (unless NISZ is the leader of the consortium) 

HUF 119,571,447

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