The Single Emergency System based on the European emergency number - ESR-112

Project name 

The Single Emergency System based on the European emergency number - ESR-112

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Name of the related operational programme 

Electronic Public Administration Operational Programme

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Aim(s) of the project 

Accomplishment of the aims of the project enhances the opportunity of accessing public administrative services, contributes to preserving the quality of life of individuals, and enhances the citizen’s opinion of the “State as a Service Provider.”

 Strategic - social - aims set for the project:

• To establish the Call Receiving Centre that responds to emergency calls in a standard regime

• To enhance the Activity Control Systems of the police and the disaster protection services

• furthermore, to create a tight data and voice integration of these system components with the new ambulance management system to be established by the National Ambulance Service in a separate project (TIOP, KMOP).

• The completed project will ensure enforcement and expansion of the right of individuals needing assistance from the Stand-by Bodies to life, bodily integrity and health, and that the enforcement of these rights are guaranteed by the totality of the cooperation, responsiveness of the Stand-by Bodies.

• As a result of all the above factors, to increase the subjective feeling of safety of the individual, furthermore, delivery on the expectations related to the "State of the Service Provider" formed through the assessment of the individuals.

Result(s) of the project 

The implementation of the project will include the establishment and commissioning of the common Call Receiving Center enabling the emergency call receiving activity of stand-by bodies (Ambulance, Police, Disaster Protection Service/Fire Brigade), suitable for the pre-screening of emergency requests, as well as the supporting information system and the police and disaster protection/firefighting activity direction system belonging to the Ministry of the Interior.

Such an information system will be implemented that enables the electronic data exchange of all information required by the process starting from the receipt of emergency requests all the way to the closing of the actions initiated by the relevant stand-by bodies.

Beginning of the implementation of the project 


Completion of the implementation of the project 


Full budget of the project 

HUF 5,444,615,160

The share of NISZ in the budget of the project (unless NISZ is the leader of the consortium) 

HUF 296,650,000

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