Idomsoft Ltd.

The main activities of Idomsoft are planning, developing, implementing and operating IT systems and applications. The company’s expertise is utilized in the development and integration of significant IT systems, establishing central databases and handling public data. As of January 1st. 2016. a new, electronic identity card, the e-ID, has been launched in Hungary developed by Idomsoft. The visual database of the new document – with some additional security features – is equal to the former card-based ID. Besides the visual and electronic identification, the e-signature and traditional ID card features the e-ID is able to store the social security number and the tax identification number as well. The new document has an electronic storage item (chip) secured and protected from data theft by PIN codes – created and being handled by the card holder.

Pro-M Ltd.

The primary task of Pro-M is to provide radio-communication system and services to the emergency organizations and the law enforcement in Hungary.

The company has proven capabilities and experience of high technical and security requirements. The TETRA-based EDR emergency radio system is under continuous development. The company holds rights for the processing of national qualified data up to the level “STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL” and maintains a system for electronic processing of national qualified data.

Kopint-Datorg Ltd.

The company's main activities cover the development and application-level operation of public administration IT systems. The company has decades of experience in designing and operating public administration professional systems, data acquisition and data processing systems, web application development, IT project management and IT quality assurance.

Our flagship development is the iForm application technology, which provides user agencies with electronic form design, editing, centralized management, and user access to the web filling interface.