Puzzled by Policy? Helping you be part of the EU

A projekt neve 

Puzzled by Policy? Helping you be part of the EU

Kapcsolódó operatív program megnevezése 

ICT Policy Support Programme

Kedvezményezett neve, a projektkonzorcium vezetője 

National University of Ireland (NUIG), Galway, Ireland

A konzorciumban résztvevő további kedvezményezettek, partnerek 
  • Zavod Inštitut za elektronsko participacijo (Slovenia)
  • Athens Technology Centre S.A. (Greece)
  • Città di Torino (Italy)
  • Greek Research and Technology Network S.A. (Greece)
  • 21c Consultancy Ltd. (United Kingdom)
  • European University Institute (Italy)
  • LUSA – Agência de Notícias de Portugal SA (Portugal)
  • Cyntelix Corportation BV (the Netherlands)
  • Universidad La Laguna (Spain)
  • Dimos Athinaion Epicheirisi Michanografisis S.A. (Greece)
  • NISZ National Infocommunications Service Company Limited by Shares (Hungary)
A projekt célja(i) 

The aim of the project is to provide to the citizens interfaces that can be easily managed by web-based technologies, in order to get connected to the policy decision-making processes of the EU and those of their closer residential environments.  A topic much in the focus of the interest of the society was selected for the testing of the project, i.e. immigration policy, which has become a significant challenge in several parts of Europe and in the Union regulations.

A projekt eredménye(i) 

The platform resulting from the project (http://join.puzzledbypolicy.eu) is a state-of-the-art project, but it also integrates applications already tested.

By the application of the Policy Profiler the citizens can explore the current policy issues effortlessly, and while responding to the questions they can read from informational charts how their opinions compare to the opinions of parties and relevant professional organizations also polled.

On the moderated discussion interface called u-debate, the users can review the discussions in progress at the moment. The individual components of the debate comprise a kind of tree structure, where the structure is built by the registered users themselves by posting their own proposals, arguments, counter-arguments and remarks.

PbP relies on widget technology for the promotion of the platform. This tool can be shared easily on the social networks of the Internet and on mobile telephones, and is an efficient case of viral marketing, it can be delivered to many people quickly. This technology also provides an advantage in the detailed analysis of the usage data.

As a result of the project, the methodology of feedback among main user groups has also been developed and tested. The aim is to ensure that the contents created by the use of the platform reach the decision-makers in the appropriate form and with appropriate detail and timing (supporting partly decision preparation and partly the assessment of the valid regulation). After that the contributions of the decision-makers must also be delivered to the citizens. Supporting the dialogue between persons represented and authorized by the democratic system has the potential of contributing to strengthening commitment to participation for both parties.

The representatives of the testing premises, including NISZ Zrt., coordinate the cooperation of the user groups and the developer partners within their own environments (networking among persons affected by immigration; mapping the current situation, challenges, forums of the issue, management of contents to be presented on the platform; presentation of user needs, testing, assessment of the platform).

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A projekt megvalósításának befejezése 


A projekt teljes költségvetése 

EUR 1,945,774

A projekt NISZ-re eső költségvetése (amennyiben a NISZ nem konzorciumvezető) 

EUR 105,000

A projekt közvetlen kapcsolódása kormányzati stratégiai dokumentumokhoz 

National Infocommunications Strategy 2014-2020

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További információ 

E-mail: info@nisz.hu