Central Delivery Agent (KKÜ)

Service name 
Central Delivery Agent
Service description 

The Central Delivery Agent (hereinafter: KKÜ) is a service that performs the tasks defined in the Government Decree on the general requirements of document management by public administrative bodies for bodies classified as entities providing electronic processing, concerning the preparation for delivery, definition of the data carrier, type of documents to be dispatched by the public administrative body, furthermore, concerning the method of delivery.

KKÜ includes the following component services also available partially for bodies providing electronic processing:

  1. receipt of the consignment from the body providing electronic processing,
  2. registration of the counterfoil certifying the dispatch and the receipt of the consignment and forwarding it to the body providing electronic processing, if one has been issued as part of the delivery service, furthermore
  3. immediate notification of the body providing electronic processing on the date and method of the action taken for delivery.

Only connected entities may use the services, through a machine interface connection. The entities may request connection to the service on the questionnaire contained in the accession policy.

Related documentation can be found at https://szeusz.gov.hu