Company Radar

Most company data in Hungary are publicly and freely accessible, yet charges might incur for a query and – since the data are processed by several organizations – applicants often cannot find all information in one place. Both citizens and businesses need company data in a lot of life events, so we created an application that enables fast, flexible and comprehensive queries.

Your gains

  • real-time access to Company Register data
  • accessible any time, anywhere
  • single point of access, free of charge
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  • If you are looking for a new job or you are going to accept a job offer, you can verify the authenticity of your prospective employer
  • If you are an entrepreneur or the owner of a company, prior to signing a business agreement you can use the data provided by the Company Radar to assess the reliability of the supplier
  • The increase of the number of online purchases unfortunately also involves the increase of the number of unreliable enterprises taking advantage of good faith customers. Our application enables you to check the seller in a minute.


Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection

Consumer protection processes
Legally binding resolutions

National Labour Office,
Directorate of Occupational Safety and Labour Affairs

Labour infringements

Information from the Company Bulletin

Liquidations in progress
Dissolution procedures
Bankruptcy proceeding

Hungarian Competition Authority

Procedures, decisions of the competition supervisory authority

Company register

details of the e-company register
(business name, site, tax number, activities)

Other databases

Query of the numerical statistical ID
Verification of the community tax number


  • Up to 10 queries may be launched from one IP address within one day, in order to avoid automated mass queries.
  • Internet access is necessary for using this application, this may incur additional costs charged by the Internet service provider.
  • This application and the queries initiated through it are free of charge for every citizen.
  • Data available through the application are for information only, any use of these will be at the user's own responsibility.
  • You can see the detailed terms of use before the installation of the application.
  • Data Processing Policy (PDF, hu)