Electronic Document Storage (EDT)

Service name 
EDS - Electronic Document Storage
Service description 

Electronic document storage service (hereinafter: EDS) is a service that supports the internal administration of entities. The primary function of EDS to provide services to the document and case management and software and specific special applications (specialized systems) of public administrative bodies performing electronic processing, enabling them to store their electronic documents remotely, to keep these while maintaining authenticity and to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, upkeep and permanent interpretation (readability) of the remotely stored documents. 

Independently available component services of EDS:

a) Repository of Electronic Transactions,

b) Repository of Electronic Archives,

c) Electronic Document Repository.

Only connected entities may use the services, through a machine interface connection. The entities may request connection to the service on the questionnaire contained in the accession policy.

Related documentation can be found at https://szeusz.gov.hu