Electronic Payment and Settlement System (EFER)

Service name 
Electronic Payment and Settlement System (EFER)
Service description 

As the operator of the Electronic Payment and Settlement System (EFER), NISZ Zrt. provides the electronic payment service both in electronic and in regular, paper-based processing. EFER enables the user to pay with one single transaction all charges belonging to the given case but payable under different legal titles, in addition, it also performs the allocation of the fee to the target accounts.

EFER is a central electronic fee payment service, together with the related settlement system, by which the clients may fulfill their payment liabilities to public administration in the course of electronic processing - while retaining the opportunities already available, even from their homes - by using bankcards or by Internet banking, and in the case of processing involving personal presence, they can use bankcards.

Therefore citizens and undertakings may use the electronic payment options applied by them in daily practice for fulfillment of their payment liabilities to the Government, so they can make the payment immediately (without the burden of registration or having to learn how the system works).

The clients may only use this service running in the background in an indirect manner, if the relevant financial service provider has joined EFER.

Related documentation can be found at https://szeusz.gov.hu