Managed workstation service

At national level, at present we operate workstations for over 10,000 users, which number is growing dynamically. In this service we purchase the workstations meeting the needs of the customer, we develop the work environment, perform the operation of the facilities, peripherals and the service infrastructure and their regular maintenance. Several security options are offered that increase the reliability of operation, reduce the risk of data loss and unauthorized access.

The advantages of this service include single-point customer care, simpler procurement of devices, and in the case of machine pools containing more than 150 items, delegation of an on-site IT professional to the given site.


We provide mailing service to entities connected to the National Telecommunications Backbone in an MS Exchange environment, including a centrally managed antivirus programme, content and spam filters and back-up. We store the letters centrally, therefore there will be no data loss even in the case of a malfunction on the customer side.

Application operation, support

As part of application operation, our professionals perform the installation, configuration, monitoring and updating the software of the operating environment, both for the applications and the web servers. We provide access and rights administration as application supporting services.

Managed office technology service

In the service we provide printing, copying and scanning functions on local or network level. The service also includes the provision of consumables, disposal of waste and periodical maintenance.

Provision of storage space

We recommend this service to customers who need storage capacity over the regular storage space provided with other services. This service provides storage space on the central file server, and also contains the directory structure and user rights administration, if required. As part of the provision of storage space, NISZ provides file server and SharePoint-based document repository service, with quota and sharing management.

Hosting / data center service

  • Virtual server hosting

We have placed the virtual machines in a data centre with high-availability, containing two sites. The storage space is provided by a central storage system, which also performs the regular synchronization of the main and security backup databases between the individual sites. We also offer the establishment of VM (Virtual Machine) with several sites. Virtual server hosting runs on VMWare bases.

  • Physical server hosting (rackable)

Our data center is equipped with high-availability EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) protection, it provides an air-conditioned operating environment for the leased equipment, where our customers could even order placement in two sites.

Cloud services

The Government Cloud is the entirety of resources provided on a self-service interface in the form of virtual machines and related services, the calculating and storage capacity of which is always available and can be expanded flexibly.

  • Customers using the virtual machine service receive a so-called virtual server with a specific capacity.
  • In the case of virtual data centers, our customers will receive computing capacity created on dedicated hardware facilities. In the Virtual Data Center you can create virtual machines according to your own ideas and needs.
  • The parameters of back-up service are defined by our customers.

NTG web storage space

NGT web storage space means dedicated storage space on a physical server, which can be dynamically distributed among the database, the e-mail and the storage space services. Web storage space service includes the MySQL database, storage space available on webFTP from the direction of the National Telecommunications Backbone, as well as the server-side running environments. Name service belonging to the domain name can be performed by the customer itself, or even by NISZ, as the customer prefers. A simple, standard protocol level electronic mailing function belongs to the service.

Wireless Internet provision

NISZ provides the operation of highly available, homogeneous, wireless Internet service with central supervision/operation, as well as the related engineering services. The basic service includes roaming, priority management of VoIP traffic, and separation of the traffic of the connected devices from one another. The system provides an especially secure operating environment to our customers.

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