Procurement of GSM-R system and related services (a phased project)

Project name 

Procurement of GSM-R system and related services (a phased project)

Code number of the project 


Name of the related operational programme 

Integrated Transport Development OP (ITDO)

Name of the beneficiary, head of the project consortium 

NISZ National Infocommunications Service Company Limited by Shares

Aim(s) of the project 

The comprehensive aims of the GSM-R Project include the establishment of the interoperability of international railway traffic, as well as increase of the safety and efficiency of railway transport. In addition, by this project Hungary joins the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), and ensures the implementation of the required communication network according to European standards.

The direct aim of the implementation of the GSM-R network is to upgrade the Hungarian railway communication systems. It is constantly replacing the heterogeneous analogue railway radio communication systems that are increasingly more difficult to operate. In addition, this development provides an opportunity for creating the technical communication platform necessary for the ETCS L2 interlocking system in Hungary.

Result(s) of the project 

The GSM-R Project contains the following commitments:

  • GSM-R-based communication implemented on the international railway corridors.
  • International railway passenger traffic will accelerate, wait times will be reduced: there will be more passengers.
  • International railway freight traffic will accelerate, transit times will be reduced: there will be more traffic.
  • A higher level of security can be accomplished in railway transport.
  • The shift of road traffic to railway will reduce the number of road accidents.
  • The replacement of analogue radio communication systems will reduce operating costs.
  • The replacement and upgrade of the MERÁFI systems will reduce operating costs.
  • A GSM-R system ensuring the opportunity of efficient operation will be implemented.
  • Passenger satisfaction will increase.
Beginning of the implementation of the project 

01.04.2013 (note: the date of beginning is the same as the date of beginning of  phase 1 (KÖZOP) of the phased project)

Completion of the implementation of the project 

30.06.2018 (planned)

Full budget of the project 

HUF 9,647,185,377 (gross)

The share of NISZ in the budget of the project (unless NISZ is the leader of the consortium) 

HUF 9,647,185,377 (gross)

Related strategic government documents 

Országos Fejlesztéspolitikai Koncepció,

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Integrált Közlekedésfejlesztési Operatív Program

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