Integrated data service

Integrated data service enables our customers to use the resources of the IP/MPLS platform of the National Telecommunications Backbone to establish a closed, virtual private network, on which IP traffic can be transmitted.

Central Internet Service

The Central Internet service provides central Internet access to entities connected to the National Telecommunications Backbone. It may be implemented in two ways: open Internet - i.e. no limits apply -, or Internet access provided by using the central system of firewalls of the National Telecommunications Backbone (HVR).

Voice service

By our voice service we offer domestic and international end-to-end communication and network services to our customers.

Branch exchange operation

NISZ provides branch exchange services (e.g.: calls by short numbers, manager-secretary connection, call groups) to its customers. This service may be operated on the central facilities of NISZ, or even on branch exchange facilities of various technologies, located in the customer premises.

LAN networking service

We survey and install the local network necessary for the use of IT and telco services in the premises of our customers.

Facility operation/switch

We offer the operation of active local network facilities of our customers

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